The Importance of Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccination protects the vaccinated individual and his/her family and friends from the flu. The flu virus can have extremely serious health effects, leading to hospitalizations and even death.

Do not take the chance! Turn in the completed Consent Form and have your child vaccinated under the Control Flu program to be sure your child, and family, are protected.

Consent Form

Why Vaccinate?

The flu vaccination is the most effective method of preventing the flu! It minimizes the risk of flu infection, while reducing the threat of associated complications such as severe illness and hospitalization.

Vaccination helps an individual’s body develop antibodies. These antibodies provide protection against infection. Flu vaccinations also prevent the spread of illness, school absences, and missed days at work.

More Information on FluMist: 
The Flu Mist is a simple way to prevent the flu…so simple it makes us wonder how wonderful life would be if there were a mist for everything.