When you wake up achy, coughing, sneezy and overall feeling sick — how do you know whether you are experiencing cold symptoms or the flu?

For treatment purposes, it’s important to know the difference between the flu and the common cold! The symptoms can seem similar, — but with the right information you can easily tell them apart.

Here’s a quick comparison of symptoms to give you a better idea of the differences.

Fever Rare Usually Present
Aches Slight Usually, often severe
Chills Uncommon Fairly Common
Tiredness Mild Moderate to severe
Sudden Symptoms Appear Gradually Can appear within 3-6 hours
Coughing Hacking, productive cough Dry, unproductive cough
Sneezing Common Uncommon
Stuffy Nose Common Uncommon
Sore Throat Common Uncommon
Chest Discomfort Mild to moderate Often severe
Headache Uncommon Common