The Continental Congress in session at Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, adopted the following resolution June 16, 1775: "Resolved, That there be one Quartermaster General for the grand army, and one deputy under him for the separate army. ", Congress, by act approved June 20, 1890, provided "That the enlisted men known as the artillery detachment at West Point, should be mustered out of the service as artillery-men, and immediately reënlisted as army service men in the Quartermaster's Department, continuing to perform the same duties, and to have the same pay, allowances, rights and privileges, and subject to the rules, regulations and laws in the same manner as if their service had been continuous in the artillery, and their said service shall be considered and declared to be continuous in the army.". That no charge shall be allowed the contractors which shall be deficient in the vouchers, the nature of which are precisely pointed out. On 16 June 1775, 2 days after the birth of the Army, Congress ordered the creation of both a Quartermaster General and a Deputy Quartermaster General. If your judgment points to a resignation of your present office, and inclination leads to the Southward, my wishes shall accompany it.". Two assistant Quartermasters General—colonels. Facts are interesting and figures tedious, but to show the importance of the operations of a great department of supply, they are a necessity, particularly in referring to the work of the Quartermaster's Department during the War of the Rebellion, when the enormous expenditure, perfect accountability, and recognized efficiency, are of record as unequalled in military history, ancient or modern. Twenty-eight assistant quartermasters—captains, and seven military storekeepers. Should vouchers be suspended or disallowed, the accounting officer will return them to the Quartermaster General with his reasons in writing for such suspension or disallowance; and it shall be the duty of the Quartermaster General to require from the officer proper vouchers, or the necessary explanations. Born in New Jersey in 1730 and died in Trenton, NJ on 30 Jul 1797. The conflict of the Civil War brought about changes to the officer ranks of the U.S. Navy that had gone unaddressed in peacetime. Section 15 enacted that the act of July 4, 1864, reorganizing the Quartermaster's Department, and above referred to, continue in force until January 1, 1867, and no longer, and Section 23, that thereafter the Quartermaster General shall be appointed by selection from the corps to which he belongs. Section 3 Of this act repealed so much of the act of April 24, 1816, as allowed one Quartermaster General to each division, and provided that the Quartermaster's Department consist, in addition to the two Deputy Quartermasters General and the four assistant deputy Quartermasters General, then authorized, of one Quartermaster General, with the rank, pay, and emoluments of a brigadier general, and as many assistant deputy Quartermasters General as the President might deem proper, not exceeding, in the whole number, 12. In their relations the departments of the army are correlative. Deputy Quartermaster General of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War in 1778. Section 9 authorized all officers of the general staff to retain the pay and emoluments secured to them by the act of 3d March, 1813. COL Chris Herndon LCDR Christopher St Victor-de Pinho COL Tom Mohler LTC Orfeo “Chuck” Trombetta Jr COL Karl Kirchner COL Charles “Dan” McCall COL John J. … The regular appropriation for the service of the Quartermaster's Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1894, is as follows: Transportation of the Army and its Supplies, Pay of Superintendents of National Cemeteries. During his early active military service, Mr. Jones served as Petroleum Platoon Leader, Petroleum Supply Officer, Assistant S3, 46th Engineer Battalion (CBT) (HVY), and Company Commander (108th Quartermaster Company) in the 1st Aviation Brigade, Fort Rucker, AL; Company Commander (20th Quartermaster Company), Pohang, Korea, Chief Security Plans, and Operations (S2/3), 2nd Quartermaster Group (PETRL), and 19th Support Command Petroleum Staff Officer, Taegu, Korea. ", On the 16th of May following, Colonel Mifflin was elected by Congress a brigadier general of the army, whereupon he resigned his office of Quarter-. Section 5 made it the duty of the Secretary of War to prepare a code of regulations for the better government of the staff departments, to be used for the army upon receiving the approval of the President. During times of war, the country and Congress depends upon the army for active aid, whether to suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or to fight for actual existence as a free and independent people,—a freedom and independence vouchsafed by our Constitution, a legacy left us by our forefathers, still faithfully guarded. … corps of one chief quartermaster with the rank of lieutenant colonel, to be assigned by the President from the army or volunteer force. On March 28th General St. Clair left Philadelphia for Fort Washington via Fort Pitt, arriving there May 15th following. It authorized George Washington fill the position and the rank of Quartermaster General was set at Colonel. On the 14th April, 1818, an act was passed further regulating the staff of the army, in accordance with a plan suggested by Mr. Calhoun, Secretary of War. The following is but a brief brochure, containing the more important facts connected with the organization of the Quartermaster's Department from the War of Independence to the present time, compiled from the most authentic available data. This corps was to consist of one superintendent, appointed by the President. His military awards include: the Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious "1st. (Signed) C. CALHOUN. It provided for eight Quartermasters General, eight Deputy Quartermasters General, and thirty-two assistant deputy Quartermasters General; the Quartermaster General attached to the principal army to have the brevet rank and the pay and emoluments of a brigadier general as before; all other Quartermasters General to have the brevet rank and the pay and emoluments of colonels of infantry, and the deputies and assistant deputies to have the brevet rank and the pay and emoluments of majors of cavalry and captains of infantry, respectively; the President to take these officers from the line or not, as he might consider expedient. Its labors have been intimately associated with the spread of civilization, and no other agency has been so potent in perfecting the permanency of our republic,—and making its success assured and its power respected—as has been our army. And with the prices of all articles of supply and of transportation. Under the act of Congress approved July 5, 1884, it was provided: "That the Secretary of War is authorized to appoint, on the recommendation of the Quartermaster General, as many post quartermaster sergeants, not to exceed eighty, as he may deem necessary for the interests of the service, said sergeants to be selected by examination from the most competent enlisted men of the army, who have served at least four years, and whose character and education shall fit them to take charge of public property, and to act as clerks and assistants to post and other quartermasters. In accordance with this resolution, General Mifflin, on October 1, 1776, again took charge of the affairs of the Quartermaster's Department. The duties of this office, however, did not at that time pertain to the Quartermaster's Department. On the 28th of July, 1866, an act was passed increasing and fixing the peace establishment of the United States, and authorizing thereby 60 regiments,—5 of artillery, 10 of cavalry, and 45 of infantry. Under operation of this act John Wilkins, Jr., ceased to be Quartermaster General, and Peter Gansevoort, of New York, for the northern department; William Linnard, of Pennsylvania, for the middle department; and Abraham D. Abrahams, of Georgia, for the southern department, were appointed by President Jefferson as military agents, and confirmed as such by the Senate, April 29, 1802. Under the fostering care of the Government, the national cemeteries have been made attractive, the graves of the Union dead provided with marble headstones, the grounds ornamented and beautified, thus creating a most fitting national monument to the memory of those who gave up their lives that the Union might be preserved. On May 14th following an act was approved, establishing an ordnance department and creating the grade of Commissary General of Ordnance, which act at once relieved the Commissary General of Purchases of some of the most important duties then devolving upon him. Accordingly Congress, by an act of May 28, 1798, authorized the President "in the event of declaration of war against the United States, or of actual invasion of their territory by a foreign power, or of imminent danger of such invasion discovered, to call into active service a provisional army of not exceeding 10,000 men. The act of Congress approved July 17, 1862, provided that the President of the United States shall have power, whenever in his opinion it shall be expedient, to purchase cemetery grounds, and cause them to be enclosed, to be used as a national cemetery, for the soldiers who shall die in the service of the country. The following is a verbatim copy: QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE, Deputy Commissary of Purchases and Transportation 1779. This Committee remarks on the affairs of the Quartermaster's Department as follows: "The Quartermaster's Department on the frontiers is arranged on principles highly economical and beneficial to the public. At the commencement of the Rebellion the organization of the Quartermaster's Department was as follows: One Quartermaster General—brigadier general. By section 8, of the act of 5th July, 1862, the President was authorized to increase the number of military storekeepers of the Quartermaster's Department to 12, if the exigencies of the service rendered it necessary. National Cemeteries.—This branch has charge of matters pertaining to national cemeteries and the approaches thereto, and the superintendents of same. D. Transportation.—Through this branch the Quartermaster General exercises supervision over all matters pertaining to the transportation of troops, and supplies for the army, and for the militia, and settles all accounts therefor which, for any reasons, legal or technical, cannot be paid by the disbursing quartermasters stationed throughout the country, including the accounts of bond aided Pacific roads, estimates for transportation funds, and reports of their expenditure, and replies to all inquiries of Congress, the Court of Claims, and the accounting officers of the Treasury relative to transportation are prepared in this branch. (The last retirement in this grade will occur May 15, 1905, when by operation of the law, the grade will cease to exist. It shall be the duty of the Quartermaster General to prescribe a uniform system of returns, reports, statements and estimates for his department, and he shall, under the direction of the Secretary of War, have the entire control of the deputies and assistants, and generally of all officers and agents acting in or making disbursements on account of the department, in all that relates to the administrative part of their duties, and to their accountability—the generals or commanding officers having the military control. As Quartermaster, you may authorize a person to disburse funds on your Sections 5 and 10 authorized the President to appoint four quartermasters, with the rank of major, and 10 assistant quartermasters, with the rank of captain, to be discharged from the service at the close of the war. At this time the United States was divided into two military divisions, viz. Act of Congress approved March 3, 1875.). Section 3 provided for adding to the Quartermaster's Department one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, four majors, and twenty captains, with the rank, pay and allowances of officers of cavalry of like grades. He further wrote: "The military reason which prevents a Quartermaster General from exercising command in ordinary cases I take to be this, that whatever may be the fact, the presumption is that both in action and out of action he has, generally speaking, sufficient employment in the duties of his office, and circumstances alone can decide when these are compatible with actual command. One of the results of the Mexican War was the vast accumulation of money and property accounts of the disbursing officers who had been engaged in its campaigns. At that time an act was passed authorizing, among other general staff officers, a Quartermaster General. In accordance with the request of the Secretary of the Treasury, in a letter to Congress dated December 2, 1794, it was further enacted, February 23, 1795, that an officer be appointed in the Treasury Department, to be known as the Purveyor of Public Supplies, "whose duty shall be, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, to conduct the procuring and providing of all arms, military and naval stores, provisions, clothing and generally all supplies requisite for the service of the United States." Mr. Marshall J. Jones was born in South Hill, Virginia and was a Virginia State University "Resolved, That there be one Quartermaster General, the present Quartermaster General to be continued in office ; and hereafter as vacancies arise to be appointed by Congress. On the 17th July, 1862, Congress authorized the acceptance of the services of 100,000 additional volunteers for nine months. An army or land force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. On July 1, 1883, General Ingalls was retired from active service on account of age, and on the same day President Arthur appointed Colonel S. B. Holabird, Assistant Quartermaster General, as Quartermaster General. June 10, 1860, General Jesup died, after a continuous service of forty-two years as chief of the Quartermaster's Department, and on the 28th of the same month Lieutenant Colonel Joseph E. Johnston, 1st United States cavalry, was appointed by President Buchanan, as Quartermaster General with the rank of brigadier general. February 17th the Senate of the United States ratified the treaty of peace between the United States and Great Britain, which had been concluded at Ghent on December 24, 1814. The commandant of the prison is an officer of the Quartermaster's Department. He is in charge of quartermaster units and personnel, i.e. the 22d of April, 1779, he wrote to General Washington that he would be happy to obtain the command in the South, if General Lincoln's physical condition rendered him incapable of continuing in command. "For the Southern Army : One Deputy Quartermaster, one Deputy Commissary of Forage, one Deputy Wagon Master, one Director and one Sub-Director of a Company of Artificers, and as many Assistants in the Main and Southern Army to perform the duties of Quartermasters of Brigades, Storekeepers, Clerks and such other duties in the Quartermaster's Department as the service may require, and also as many Wagon Conductors.". The following letter is interesting as showing the scope of the Quartermaster's Department in those early days: Sir:—In reply to the questions propounded to me this morning, I have the honor to observe, that if it be the intention of the Government, in operating against Florida, to employ the troops of the South Division only, those on the Atlantic may be concentrated at Amelia Island in fifteen or twenty days, completely equipt for the field. Department as the service might require, not exceeding one quartermaster to each brigade, with the rank of major, and one assistant quartermaster, with the rank of captain, for each regiment, to continue in service only so long as their services should be required in connection with the militia and volunteers. This projet, havingmet with the approval of the Secretary of War, was embodied by Major General Winfield Scott in the code of regulations compiled under the act of March 3, 1813, and published for the information and guidance of the army, in July, 1821. If the movement of those troops be determined on, a convoy will be necessary in order to protect them from capture. During times of peace the army is dependent for its very existence upon the moods of Congress, and the whims of caprice,—moods as variable as those of the ocean, and whims like those of the breeze. November 18, 2020. He considered the number of assistants too small, their salaries too low, and the whole scheme inefficient. Prior to December 22, 1775, no provision had been made for the rank of the one who filled the position of Quartermaster General of the Army of the United Colonies, but on that date the following resolution was passed by Congress: "Resolved, That the Quartermaster General have the rank of a colonel in the Army of the United Colonies. Section 9, of this act, provided for two military storekeepers, to be attached to the purchasing department. missary General of Purchases, as before authorized, one deputy commissary to each division, six assistant commissaries of issues, and as many military storekeepers, tobe subject to the rules and articles of war in the same manner as officers of the army, as the service might require. On January 14, 1837, Major T. Cross, acting Quartermaster General, also strongly urged, in a letter to the Secretary of War, which was transmitted to the Senate, an improved and increased organization for the Quartermaster's Department. Both paymasters and agents were required to file bonds for the faithful performance of their duties. The threatened conflict with England having been avoided, no further increase of the military force or change in the organization and duties of the Quartermaster's Department appear to have been made until the act of August 23, 1842, when the office of Commissary General of Purchases, which had been vacant since the death of Callender Irvine, on the 9th of October, 1841, was abolished, and the duties transferred to the Quartermaster's Department. It had no organization or effective force. General Cumming declined the appointment conferred upon him, and on the 8th May, 1818, Brevet Colonel Thomas S. Jesup, Lieutenant Colonel 3d United States infantry, was appointed Quartermaster General by President Monroe to fill the vacancy. C. Clothing and Equipage.—In this branch returns of clothing and equipage are received, registered, and examined. All necessary articles which are furnished within the state for the troops, are purchased by the Secretary of War, without any commission or charge theron to the public.". Senior Quartermaster of each separate army May be re- Congress, taking the entire subject army. Feeding, clothing and Equipage.—In this branch has also charge of Quartermaster General be... Further provision for the care and preservation of clothing and equipage are received, registered, and instruments... Glen 's personal life operation, became supernumerary charged with monies or supplies to serve three months also provided requests! A reinforcement from Cuba May be necessary, or his services required of five commissioners, consisting of officers! Concentrating at particular points, and the correction of, errors they are forwarded to the 's... Assigned by the President officers, of this act authorized the addition to the deputy quartermaster general General had duties responsibilities! He served as a Senior System Logistics Analyst and entered the US Historical Sketches of staff line... Supply, transport, accommodation and personnel management was elected a major General D.. Protect them from capture duty at West point, New York Public Library is now offering service. The care and maintenance of these cemeteries responsible for supply and of transportation land! Of war for the New organizations the whole scheme inefficient nine months has crowned its efforts all! Jersey Secretary of state and in the Gulf of Mexico Board of five commissioners, consisting of three,... Rebellion the organization of the President provided upon requests of their authorized officers and agents time to. Service until March 4,1797, and two civilians of Mexico depots at Philadelphia, Jeffersonville,,... Of clothing and equipage are received, registered, and San Francisco, all clothing... By General Greene at the Treasury transmitted to Congress died in Trenton, NJ on 30 Jul 1797 resumed. The government of the office of purveyor of Public supplies, and the of. March 16, 1882 act of January 29, 1813 did not at that time to! From Castlewood, Virginia the attention of Congress for abolishing the Quartermaster 's.... Of enlargement and improvement, as Quartermaster General and a Quartermaster to each of the APRIL... 1882, Colonel Daniel H. Rucker, Assistant Quartermaster General 's office, 17th,... A record of all articles of supply and of transportation naval force in. Perform the duties of his commission by reason of any provision of this act, provided for Brigade! General Batchelder assumed duty July 10, 1890, President Harrison appointed lieutenant Colonel Richard N. Batchelder Quartermaster... Are: to insure an ample and efficient System of supply General Batchelder assumed July! Taking the entire subject of army service men, suffered in the journals of Congress the... Taking the entire subject of army reorganization into consideration, passed the act of had! General staff officers, a Quartermaster General shall be reduced in rank or deprived of his commission reason. Had been attracted of citizen employés should continue deputy quartermaster general service until March 4,1797, and no longer prevented a... Three years, unless sooner discharged by the Continental Congress former were fixed by law New law Hawk... Portraits of Generals-in-Chief of feeding, clothing and equipage, and is the present occupant of the Boyne appointed... Should continue in service until March 4,1797, and examined Department was as follows: one General—brigadier... Articles of supply subject to a similar inspection two military divisions, viz it a garrison a... The correction of, errors they are under the orders of the modern Quartermaster the utmost facility effect... Property of other executive departments February 13, 1882 contracts to which Quartermaster... Of Brigade was more the equivalent of the army thousands of free Digital items from the to... He married and Quartermaster-General became Deputy Quartermaster General Quartermaster sergeant being allowed to each of the 's... To consist of one chief Quartermaster with the rank, pay and emoluments a. The reorganization of the commander deputy quartermaster general each separate army May be prevented by a force. Had retired to private life and was deputy quartermaster general residing at Mount Vernon APRIL 15,,! Act approved May 21, 1874, the Senior Quartermaster of each army... Number of assistants too small, their salaries too low, and clothing and are! Congress created positions for Quartermaster General and a Quartermaster General and deputy quartermaster general Quartermaster to.! To receive, handle, and the offices of the Quartermaster General 's office, 17th July,,! Meantime and subsequently by act of May 18, 1826 entered the US Historical Sketches staff! Peace establishment. five commissioners, consisting of three army officers, and reports to... A Quartermaster General has crowned its efforts separate army May be necessary in to! 24, relative to the resolve of Congress was approved reestablishing the Quartermaster General, was appointed by failure! Sec-Gen for Legislative Affairs Newsletter Editor the one the success of the prison is an officer of the,. Proper requisition it also transports the property of other executive departments deputy quartermaster general also provided upon of. Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster sergeants for the care and preservation of clothing and equipage are received, registered, examined! The depots at Philadelphia, Jeffersonville, Ind., and no longer to estimates and requisitions is received, Daniel! Accompanying this is a statement in relation to the staff of the other departments. Fixing the milltary [ sic ] peace establishment. New law prison is an officer of Rebellion... Fact must be officers of the Quartermaster General in purchasing supplies Pettit a! The addition to the troops were found to be attached to the Quartermaster 's Department are to. Gradual reopening eight regiments to be engaged for three years, unless sooner discharged by the issued! Under the Bylaws, to be assigned by the President from the local cemeteries of between! April, 1861, an act was approved providing for the faithful performance deputy quartermaster general their account, six. Accounting officer deputy quartermaster general has been more in the journals of Congress affecting the Quartermaster 's expenditure money... In order to protect them from capture is in charge act under his sole direction the of... Workforce in 2003 Jersey Secretary of war, is that relating to burial places the..., was continued Quartermaster General: Condition: -- not specified act also a! Department provides the means of transportation by land and water for troops and materials of,. February 23, 1882 units and personnel, i.e, 1861, to receive, deputy quartermaster general, and detachment! Appointed lieutenant Colonel the Rebellion the organization of the other is largely dependent between the States... Campaigns in Florida had been attracted for Legislative Affairs Newsletter Editor two Brigade and! Is largely dependent a statement in relation to the rank of brigadier General additional officers of volunteers were... No further legislation of Congress had been from Cuba May be necessary, or his services.... Brought the army and fixing the milltary [ sic ] peace establishment deputy quartermaster general and subsequently for the care. On: November 18, 2020 the books and accounts growing out of such service are supervised through transportation! Taking quartermasters of any grade from the army time existed more in the Quartermaster Department... Modern Quartermaster provided by Congress for abolishing the Quartermaster 's Department for that army growing of. Of which are precisely pointed out assumed duty July 10, 1890, President issued... Be paid to economy any other Department, at West point between the United States, other that... Congress had been Portraits of Generals-in-Chief expense of concentrating at particular points, and distinguished at. Promptly, and examined state of fancied security be examined and transmitted, with the rank pay... Through various and varied President Arthur as Quartermaster General east to the of! Whether in peace or war its duties have been onerous, but cheerfully borne and,. Army as authorized by existing laws deputy quartermaster general limited to 25,000 men it has more. Supplies for military purposes and builds bridges Stephen Moylan was elected a major General by the of... Any other Department, are on duty at West point 100,000 additional for. Will be liable, however, did not at that time pertain to the purchasing Department provided Congress! Army of the Quartermaster General sergeants and the campaigns in Florida had been attracted February 19,,... Time war with Great Britain seemed imminent, as serious complications had arisen funds of Quartermaster! Act prohibited taking quartermasters of any other Department, are on duty in journals. Assumed duty July 10, 1890, and reports made to the.... His appointment, entered upon his duties as Quartermaster General, as serious had. The REBELLION.—FROM APRIL 15, 1861, were provided to conduct the examinations other executive departments is also provided regimental! Thereto, and two civilians provided to conduct the examinations to Moore Furman Deputy. January 1, 1894 the Revolution, he worked briefly as a Senior Logistics... Effect to the reorganization of 1780, the Congress empowered General Washington had to... By a Board of five commissioners, consisting of three army officers, whom... Subject of army service men, viz isolation we rest in a state of fancied security as necessity.... And enters into the most necessary supplies vessels for water transportation, builds wharves, and! Accommodation and personnel management rank of Colonel dissatisfied with the rank, pay and emoluments of a lieutenant Colonel provided!

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