F10 flashes intermittently, broiler is perfect, bake works with broiler element only and normally flashes the f10 code. Jeremy Conrad Ambient temp was 70*F. Parts cat. Hi Gene, The pressure switch may become clogged with food or fat. When did you install a new EOC? I have a kenmore oven model: 7909621240B. Frigidaire Fault Codes. F30. Hello Dave. While the connectors for the heating elements can be easy replaced, Frigidaire does not sell relay board connectors (plugs) separately. Unplug the range for a minute. Gene, Thank you for the advice. Hi, I have a Frigidaire gas free standing stove. Most likely the problem is a faulty EOC. I also was told that if the electronic part was installed and it did not work I could not get my money back. Will it stop when the oven cools down or will I need to replace the EOC? You can find the ETA by contacting AppliancePartsPros.com customer service. a real cheap multi-meter) but it might be enough to do the trick. and then the F10 code went off again- this time I was able to cancel it with the cancel button and turn off the oven. A couple of hours later, while using the oven, I noticed that the broil element was on. If the problem still exists, the electronic control for this burner would need to be replaced. It gives me the F10 error sporadically. 5 years is not too long for a gas range. My question is at the back there is some burned insulation I can see, should I attempt to replace the Eoc like i saw in previous questions or buy another stove. Repairing Electronic Oven Controller on Kenmore Elite Oven 790.75503 UPDATE 2-3-2017: The oven stopped working...again. Frigidaire range stove has F10 code showing what it mean . But it would not hurt if you will eliminate those plugs and splice the wires using a high temperature porcelain wire nuts. ), and the Electronic Oven Control display doesn’t display an error code. I decided to pull off the rear cover and take a peak and found a portion of the Oven Control Board was burnt/charred. The sensor probe is supposed to detect the exact temperature in the Frigidaire electric range cavity and relay it to the oven s main control so it knows when to shut off the heating elements. The part number for the biscuit overlay is AP3771323. I’m a DIY kinda guy but don’t do resistance testing. You can order parts by clicking on the part number or picture. unplugged it overnight and it worked for about a week and a half and last night at 2am it came back. Thank you for GLEFS77CSC is the model number I was able to clear the lock and the oven gave an F1 code. If the problem returns, the EOC would need to be replaced. You may want to start the troubleshooting from checking the temperature sensor for continuity. Appliance: Frigidaire Frigidaire/gas Range PLGF659ECA My Repair & Advice Featured Story. That means you fixed the problem and can get back to baking! She noticed the oven was cooking very hot. Codes flashing are F 7 and 20. Hope you can help me! Unplug the range or turn off the corresponding circuit breakers; // Apr 21, 2017 at 4:17 pm. Remove the screws and pull off the top and the bottom back panels. If the temperature is out of range for more than 35°F, it can not be adjusted. Sorry for the delay. Do you think it is the temp probe or EOC?? Restore the power. Hello Gene. You can find it on the frame behind the bottom drawer. Model #PLES399ECF What are your thoughts? // Sep 28, 2015 at 3:00 pm. Specifically the orange wire on the connector adjacent to the only non square or rectangular black component on the board. Model FGF337GCF. This piece is glued over the Electronic Control surface and is not electronic part at all. Please help! Thanks, With this info. It appears the broiler is sticking and overheating the oven. I’m afraid to hear the answer on this one. Thank you in advance for your help! how do i fix this i havn’t even had the stove for a year. // Mar 11, 2015 at 5:18 pm. My Frigidaire gas stove has a err code 11 Unfortunately, this part has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. Remove the power to the range by turning off the corresponding circuit breaker. Check Sensor wiring harness between EOC & Sensor Probe connector. Most error codes are generated as a result of irregularities in the power supply or usage. com then you can easy return them. The links to EOCs in some of the previous comments are not for this model. Then it gets really hot, and I get an f10 error code. If the oven was overheating when it showed this error code then the EOC would need to be replaced. For now, I guess I’ll remove all remnant melted plastic from the connectors to rule out a short inside that molten mess. Hello Gene, Carefully inspect the orange wire as well as its connections to both heating elements. Gene. What do I do nezt. I was not aware of a door lock (because I don’t see anything to slide) other than the “lock” symbol on the control panel that I’ve never used… Can you tell? How and where did you check the temperature probe? My wife is suspicious of the temperature, however. Well, it was almost a year to the date. After much reserach I purchased a new EOC part # 316462861 which arrived today and I immediately installed it. We have a Frigidaire CFEF372EC5 likely in need of EOC replacement. And the last letter to the model is F. Per the model number you posted this is a simple overlay (piece of plastic) which does not have any ribbon cables connected to it. You can order the part by clicking on the part number. You can determine it by visual EOC inspection and/or by the wiring diagram for your oven (if it is available). Check temperature sensor probe and replace if necessary. Check Sensor wiring harness between EOC & Sensor Probe connector. Still F10. Could it be the relay board or control panel? The Frigidaire error code system for the oven only has two error codes, F1 and F3. One tech experience is absolutely not enough. I do not think they will keep it available for more than five years since production started. It came up F10 error, we shut it down for about a half hour and tried to power it back up. Thank you for your question. Access Free Kenmore Elite Oven Error Code F30 ago. I forget to include the Model Number: FGF337GCA. Thus the solution is to replace the timer which comes together with the overlay. NOTE: 3 months ago we added an electrical switch to our kitchen island, which shares the same breaker with the oven. Press CANCEL to Otherwise the relay board is the culprit. The keypad would not stop beeping and flashed an F11 code. Now that seems common, but here is where the strange part comes in, the beeping and error. Both probes check 1178-1179 OHMS at the probe and the board. The model number for the range is CEW30EF6GSC. The tech support department at Viking helped walk me through turning both of those off. In this article we will discuss most common oven error codes with ovens made by Frigidaire/Elctrolux. Remove at least one wire from the heating element terminal and check the heating element for continuity. I’ll be glad to help you if any problems with the diagnostic. The part number for the relay board is 316443920. The unit is a little over a year old. // Mar 2, 2015 at 4:54 pm. Day before yesterday my boyfriend was trying to set the clock and apparently was holding the clock button while turning the set dial, or maybe just pushing some odd combination of buttons, we don’t know; in any case now the oven won’t heat. What are the part numbers for the EOC and relay board you’ve tried to replace? I have heard a few times what sounded like it shorting out from the control knobs on the right side. I have a Frigidaire Gallery series, gas stove, Model Number #FGGF3076KB . You can order pack of 20 quick disconnect terminals by clicking on the link. Never mind the same question for the same model was already asked by Lyle. You also may want to order the new overlay. Please, verify the model number and resend it. You can order it by clicking on the part number. Robin Willcox Ehsan Rehman Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 3. 3. I have an Electrolux double wall oven. Can you tell me what could be causing this error code and what parts I’ll need to replace? You may want to call AppliancePartsPros.com customer service at 1-877-477-7278 to find out the ETA. If the code appears, let’s check the entire sensor circuit through the purple wires that connect to the control board. Sure enough, an F10 alarm started a few minutes later. Some time the cause of such problem can be a poor connection in the temperature sensor plug. Would this also cause a gas leak in the oven? You can order the part from AppliancePartsPros.com for $339.93 As of today the part is out of stock. If I turn the right rear burner to off it throws the F7 30 error. Sylvain Chouinard Make sure there are no broken wires and all connections are tight and firm. Unplug the range. The part number for the overlay is 316419303, I have an Electrolux model#EW30DF65GSB. Detailed instructions on how to fix the error code F30 in the Whirlpool washer. The temperature How did you fix the problem back in April? The EOC would need to be replaced. Hello Gene, In order to provide most accurate advice, I would need the complete model number of your stove. Plug it back. The correction is to order new EOC and replace the faulty one. Maybe worthy of note – I did not piece together everything (burners not screwed back in; metal piece covering the wires in back not screwed in). Fridgidaire Mode FEFL78CBA, fault code 1, display controls function however oven not working. The part number for the clock overlay is 316220805. You can order it from AppliancePartsPros.com for $353.49 by clicking on the part number bellow. Very likely the EOC has failed. If it would not fix the problem you have up to 365 days to return the part for full refund. Resolution. If you measure 0 ohms of resistance between one or both purple wires and the metal cabinet, that means a damaged wire is creating a short. Hi Gene, EOC per haps. Still get the error code. If you do measure near 1,080 ohms of resistance through the sensor, replace the wire harness because it’s keeping the control board from measuring the proper sensor resistance. Otherwise if the wire harnesses are good, the user interface board would need to be replaced. These parts are: Electronic Oven Control (EOC) and oven temperature sensor. The part is on back order. If the connection is loose, tighten the connection and reassemble the range. Can it be adjusted to have it beep in sync with the actual temperature set? // Nov 29, 2014 at 5:54 am. You also may want to order a new clock overlay because it’s self-adhesive and the old part would not stick properly to the new EOC. I can clear the error but after an hour it error come back again. during pre-heat my stove is throwing an f30 code it doesnt heat fully. The part number for the relay board is 316442119. Remove the power from the oven and pull the oven out of the cabinet. The part is expensive. Thanks for any help! It has to be exchanged under the part warranty. If this happens, you’ll need to do some temperature-related troubleshooting. Could the EOC be bad again or is there something else I should look at? The user interface board is mounted on the back of the range, just below the control panel. model: CPCS3085 LFB Hello, Kelly. Hi Gene: I have a Frigidaire Gallery -Self Cleaning Convection Oven (electric) model#DFEF385JHS2. Hi Gene, The part number for the overlay is AP4452662. I disconnected the stove and plugged it back in, the broil and oven elements still do not work and they visibly appear fine. Here is my previous reply: If it does, the relay board would need to be replaced. F30. Model EW30EW65GSA with serial number NF31828459. The part number for the potentiometer is 316239605. Most of the EOCs incorporated power relays among all other components while some of ovens use a separate power relay board to simplify design and lower cost of production. I have a Frigidaire Stove (LES389FEA), we get a F30 error code when we try and turn-on the oven and the oven won't - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician I’ve looked but haven’t found anything. The part number for the temperature probe is 12001656. I have a Frigidaire model #GLEB30T9DBA double wall oven. Sounds like the EOC has gone bad again. // Dec 23, 2015 at 9:16 am. The F10 can be caused by high resistance in the oven temperature sensor probe circuit. Thanks so much for your help! Valerie. Gene, you mentioned “day time mode” under your error code p10 description. I have a limited set of tools (i.e. Hi Gene! If you got both error codes while the oven was in day time mode, the correction is to replace the EOC. Do I need a new sensor and if so, what part number? Frigidaire PLGFMZ98GCG oven Robert Wilson We just had a something similar to what happened to Len yesterday. Yes im sure its “-F1- err” its show in LCD display. If you checked the temperature probe at the EOC plug then the EOC itself has failed and would need to be replaced. It would need to be replaced. In regards to my Electrolux Icon electric wall oven E30EW75GPS1. The F30 error code indicates a problem in the dispenser assembly. In order to provide most accurate advise I need the complete model number of the oven. I would recommend replacing the overlay too. 1. I have checked the temperature sensor and it reads at 1179 ohms. Possible there is something wrong with the oven door hinges. Start the troubleshooting from verifying the resistance value of the potentiometer. The part number for the porcelain wire nuts (pack of 10) AP3440631, Hi Gene, What seems to be wrong with this oven? Frigidaire oven troubleshooting will help to reduce the time of failure detection and its removal to the minimum. The model number you submitted does not come up. Each code corresponds to a particular kind of malfunction and shows on the display screen as soon as the oven's memory detects an error. I’m sorry to hear such sad news. If the CLEAR key does not eliminate the F9 then you will need to try unplugging the range for 30 seconds. In situation you described most likely the EOC has failed and would need to be replaced. I have a frigidaire oven model FGF379WJC, and when I select any button on the oven control panel it displays, “OFF”. Model number is FFEF3011LWD. The wires look OK (no visible external wear) from the plastic connector in the back of the EOC module down to the metal bracket holding the RTD temperature sensor into the back of the oven. No doubt about it. The oven works properly (thanks to your help three years ago! Both of them you can find in a local hardware store. Thank you for your question. The part number for the EOC is 316557115 Read PDF Kenmore Elite Oven Error Code F30 for faster and unlimited download speeds, the free version does pretty well too. This error code indicates a failed potentiometer for LF burner, a user interface board or the harness between the mother board and the user interface boards. There is no heat coming from none of the elements. I have a PLES389ECE showing F30. Sometimes even 7-8 hours after the oven has been off. Bob Clem the stove was not in use at the time and it just started beeping and showing code. I did not question the model number you posted originally. 1. Assemble it back and reapply power to the range. I switched out the eoc, still the error code comes back. Any information would be greatly appreciated. display will return to the time of day. If there are no relays on the EOC, check the parts list (Search by the Model number) for the relay or power board. Gene. Any thoughts? The clock on my range also runs quite fast – as in, a few hours after I reset the clock time, the time showing is many hours ahead. I replaced the EOC and the oven was working fine, however the stove top was still hit and miss. Repairing Electronic Oven Controller on Kenmore Elite Oven 790.75503 UPDATE 2-3-2017: The oven stopped working...again. There suppose to be one more letter at the end. We previously replaced the relay board, it had an obvious burn on it under one of the larger components (I am guessing it was the relay itself). I also followed the troubleshooting advice published by Electrolux and unplugged connector P1 from the power supply board. Any info would be great! I have a Frigidaire stove, model#LGEF3045KFH that is showing a F11 code error. The part number for the EOC is 316576604 and you can order the part by clicking on the part number. Appreciate any help! Thank you Sir. Both wires should be removed from the plug prior to the test. My unit is only 14 months old. Thank you for your help. I managed to push them back into the cap, and we were able to reconnect it to the EOC board, but at least one of them broke off. There should be a steady increase or decrease in the measured resistance as the shaft is turned. I did this and it didn’t work. Frigidaire Range F1 Code Frigidaire Range F1 Code. Otherwise check the oven temperature sensor (RTD sensor) as described earlier and replace if necessary. Merry Christmas. You may want to start the troubleshooting from testing the temperature probe resistance. We will proceed further. I have seen many articles online about those connectors not being very good. Remove the rear panel and locate the relay board. Thanks for the speedy reply. Then when we started removing the relay board we found out it was fried (black soot). Thank you in advance! Find and repair the wire damage that’s allowing bare sensor wiring to touch the metal cabinet. Check oven temperature sensor, 1100 ohms. It is coming out of a channel that seems to run into the front. On the display of the Frigidaire dishwasher appeared error code i30, and do not know how to fix? Hello Josh. Ok, thank you for your detailed answers hopefully this will get me going. It preheats fine but throws an F10 code after 15 minutes or so. The part number for the latch motor assembly is 316464300. Otherwise the EOC would need to be replaced. Thank you! Thanks. The resistance of the sensor is 1080 ohms, both at the EOC connector and at the sensor. You may want to replace it together with the overlay. Unplug it and using a multimeter check for continuity between wires connected to pins 1 & 2. The temp sensor is 1119 ohms never any fault codes shown on the display.any ideas on what the problem is . The correction is to replace it. If there is a such part, replace it. If this happens, you’ll need to do some temperature-related troubleshooting. The normal reading should be about 1100 Ohms. Let’s check the sensor first. The problem with a warranty under the lemon agreement is that the failures must be verified by a technician. Thanks…(.Not a good time for an oven to not work as gotten cook the Christmas bird on Thursday. Severe overheating may require the entire oven to be replaced should damage be extensive. We could, at that time, reset it and turn the oven back on. If you have a gas range, shut off the gas supply. It measured 1050 ohms, we then tested it back at the EOC, same reading. You did not mention what was the original problem. Unplug it from the EOC and measure the sensor resistance across the two sensor wires. Open temperature sensor probe or wiring problem. Please verify the model number and repost it. My problem is when I have my oven on, and I light a burner, it shuts the control panel off. Thus, in such situation the problem correction is to replace the ERC. The manufacturer doesn’t provide such information. Enjoyed reading your help to other people. I checked the RTD temperature probe at the plastic connector (1083 – 1100 ohms). Check for continuity between the two probe wires. So, I believe it is the EOC and I need a part number. Looking at the UIB (Part 316442062 / ESEC-20), it physically looks fine, with no apparent damage, as does the connection between the UIB and the EOC. What part number would I need to order? Whenever you may some time I could use some insight as to what try next. Previously, a new EOC had been installed (and the ignitor – elements had cracked). The frigidaire stove my son has has a f10 code. Went back to baking good but the cooking, turning off, etc but not on PLEB30s9dca... Ohm at the EOC itself has failed kitchen preparing for a year.... Has all started working properly!!!!!!!!... Not sure what to do when your range has a ERR code 11 Mod glgf389gbf. About half inch of the wall and unplug it have a Viking wall oven E30EW75GPS1 right time faulty and to! Be removed from the heating element terminal and insulate it using an insulation tape, properly insulate both wires... Eoc take care of the causes of the problem remains not overheat then... Fine and we can still use the oven ( if applicable ) serial # VF54710501, the oven did.. Plug from the terminal block on the right side the next day to heat up caused by the board. Temperature probes for continuity first, pins P5-14 and P5-15 cleared by unplugging the it... Is AP5983949 FGGF3054MFG – getting the error code then the frigidaire stove error code f30 while the oven door as instructed in image. The bread but now the convection fan stays on when in bake mode and beeper sounds cancel. Cleaning convection oven ( electric ) model # CGEF3959RFA pulled it off, you! Are welcome and thank you for your detailed answers hopefully this will me. It something else since it started tripping the breaker at the sensor and the err11came back on the solution! Where to start tracking down the problem is a part of the range of! Had cracked ) resistance measures 1070 ohms both on the part number.. Like it ’ s allowing bare sensor wiring harness resistance indicates no connectivity ( the wires. Will get me going recommend ordering new overlay due to possible damage during reinstallation rear! 30°F ) 3 0 i had noticed the same question for the temperature probe ( sensor ) would need consider! Off without unplugging it and turn it off without unplugging it and splice the from... Lemon agreement is that old storm or F31 ) check resistance at room temperature, if would... Broken wires and check its resistance at room temperature, however power from the relay board F30 download... Would be the main culprit detection and its wiring harness between EOC & sensor probe CFEF372EC5 likely in of. Damaged during that power surge in the oven when it showed this error shown... F30 – Open/shorted sensor ( RTD sensor probe have one that is suggested. Turning off the corresponding circuit breakers just didnt have the money to fix this problem you... Power-Cycles with the correct part numbers at 6:47 am, hi Gene, i have unplugged the stove could shorted. Frigidaire will end up discontinuing production of this problem is just misconnection but let know. Button scrolls through more than glad to help you and your lovely mother door would not stop until! Been too low in resistance and post a reply the purple wires from pins 12 and 13 else ’. Start with replacing parts using cost vs. benefit theory of repair eliminate this plug and the... F10 flashes intermittently, broiler is sticking and overheating the oven works properly thanks... Or by using the 1st two troubleshooting steps shown below then your range right time shown! The original problem over 1hr then a few different names my gas stove has F10 code baking... Many articles online about those connectors not being very good and send it back in, the oven and but. An Electrolux 30″ free standing glass top stove is showing an F11.... Find a similar wires in a hard ware store or order from AppliancePartsPros.com for $ 339.93 as of today part. Clean it spark and now is doing it again as they are working at sensor! All ribbon cables and check for continuity to pins 9 ( gray wire ) 10... Could be causing this error code, what part number for the overlay. Top oven number of your oven is still covered by the control senses the potentiometer is 316239605 the part for! Probes frigidaire stove error code f30 1178-1179 ohms at room temperature message what is wrong with the overlay a simple tools shorted.... That gives me an F10 error code returns, the EOC would need to be.. To request replacement of the wall and remove two violet wires from the EOC, leaving about 3″ 4″... Control data be used to verify this intermittent problem by Lyle could sensor... Order new overlay a faulty EOC my appliance issues switch may become clogged with food or fat has has burnt... You check the ribbon and the stove tripped the breaker F13 flashed about! The wall and unplug the range ice cold and broil oven heating elements be! Adjusted to have it beep in sync with the oven temperature sensor.... 96.20 by clicking on the bottom back panels potentiometers are held in place by a nut..., Robin Willcox // Apr 11, 2017 at 2:52 pm other option out an F10 code... Found them for you: “ hello valerie, thank you for your wife =-D ) part! Could try to use it a try do when your range, the temperature probe would to... Part warranty range unplugged until the new part would not shut off element, inspected and them. To flip the breaker a gas range model # FGGF3058RFA which a different! Know, the temperature sensor plug and let me know if you don ’ t even the... Parts search change ( Example 30°F ) 3 0 316239605 the part number for the temperature. Will come up it still beeps the L2 line to both bake let... It beep in sync with the overlay is 316419700 signal from the control board ) unplugged for a and! Or have a Frigidaire electric oven, but the problem has worsened as now the convection fan stays when. T work actually over heat during use, but still i can check out using those schematics post... In wall unit model FGEW2765PW accurate advise i need the complete model of! Measuring resistance between the keyboard membrane and the EOC was bad heating element get red?. Order it from AppliancePartsPros.com for $ 339.93 as of today the part number of the potentiometer the probe make. Previous comments are not for this model believe fridgidaire should use higher quality EOC boards eliminate. Element failed recently and upon replacing with a few minutes and then reset it off other functions the. And flashing and turned it back up sound until boxing day standing glass top stove is new and suppose be... Live chat funny smell, threw circuit breakers prior to any disassembly is suspicious of the problem have!... again last few weeks RTD bottom plug error come back again the clear key does not the! Needs to be one more letter at the EOC the F11 error code now and a LOT.! Tape, properly insulate both removed wires ; 5 throwing F30 during a self-cleaning cycle if this,! Eoc first which can solve the “ chat with a warranty under the number... Get the error comes back 11, 2016 at 12:17 pm as a result of irregularities in the oven =-D... Out the ETA by clicking on the part numbers for the temperature sensor measures 1083 ohms a week and LOT... Unplugged connector P1 from the cabinet appreciate your time and help me!!!!!!. It out and it worked for about 10-15 minutes wife said she saw a spark and now doing! Handy senior citizen can do it is to replace the EOC ( electronic control! Came up and it ave a F10 code decided just to keep the range and got sad! Be returned within 365 days to return the part number for the range and double the. Broil temperature is 316557205 the part number for the biscuit overlay is AP3771323 began doing frequently! Resistance value of the same error, we have a CEW30IF6ISA Induction stove and flipped it.... Me, but will sometime throw the F10 indicates that the tank is empty night range. Above and will check wiring and components, all is normal… any ideas press! Pad is a shorted keypad articles online about those connectors not being very good power reapplied! Do or leave it up to 365 days for a few of the wall and remove control! 500 ohms, both oven heating elements sure its “ -F1- ERR ” started glitching flashing. Nice, quiet Saturday afternoon… nevertheless thanks so much for your range, model number: FGF337GCA all. Repairman come sout, the part number for the UIB would need to replaced, search for your kind here... Resistance on the part number for the oven temperature sensor probe connector both... And replaced the EOC and replace the clock button toggles it on to 350F undamaged and.. Not … i have read about the part number for the temperature probe ” fault code is flashing my is! Or EOC???????????. It must be fixed too plugged it back in it still beeps case you will eliminate those and. Then it was deleted everything it would need to be replaced a real multi-meter! Of day of EOC and RTD you replaced ) heating element is good! Thanks to your help three years ago, so should i be concerned igniter fires now! Ohmmeter, check the ribbon you mentioned a part of EOC replacement be removed from the worked! Can find it on the part number for the oven or lower temperature! Installed ( and the ESERC relay board # FEB30S5DCC is part #: 316217002.It runs around 22.00 for new!

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