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Control Flu is a School-located Influenza Vaccination (SLIV) program that provides free FluMist vaccinations to pre-K through 12th grade students who have turned in a completed consent form. The vaccination is administered on campus during regular school hours in public and participating private schools throughout Alachua County. Control Flu targets schools because children are considered “super spreaders” making schools the perfect arena for students to exchange germs, increasing the likelihood that the child will get sick and spread the disease.  


Our program provides a two-fold protection against the flu with the first being immunization protecting the child who receives the FluMist.  Secondly, after receiving the FluMist the child is no longer spreading the flu, therefore, protecting his/her family and the community from the virus. By providing flu vaccinations in school, Control Flu is protecting high-risk populations such as newborns, young children, pregnant mothers and the elderly from complications and diseases associated with the flu.





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Each child needs a consent form.  Download and print the form here:


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